Scenes from Mondo Show

An excerpt from the sketch comedy stage show Mondo Show produced in Los Angeles, California in 2000. It starts with the tail-end of a scene called “Mondo-Tone News,” then segues into some backstage (or rather ON stage) cast gossip, and then finishes with a song. Check out other Mondo Show videos.

Reporter Monique Jones
Reporter Matt McCann
Orson Welles/Himself Michael Patrick McGill
Studio Exec/Himself Forrest Harding
Herself Liesl Hetzke

Written and Directed by Ryan Garns

Produced by Christine Rosenberry and Ryan Garns

“There’s a God Above”
Performed by Forrest Harding
Music by Ally Schoepel
Lyrics by Ryan Garns

Original Video Production by WienerDog Productions