Tobacco Terror! An Awareness Play

A scene from the sketch comedy stage show Mondo Show produced in Los Angeles, California in 2000. Check out other Mondo Show videos.

Tammy Melyssa Peters
Tina Liesl Hetzke
Bobby Matt McCann
Doctor Reese Jake West
Little Old Lady Niki Magarity
Evil Smoker Forrest Harding
Tracheotomy Woman Monique Jones
M.C. Daddy Michael Patrick McGill

Written and Directed by Ryan Garns

Produced by Christine Rosenberry and Ryan Garns

“Word To The Smokas”
Performed by Michael Patrick McGill
Featuring Mara Hitner
Music by Ally Schoepel
Lyrics by Ryan Garns

Sound Engineering by Ally Schoepel

Original Video Production by WienerDog Productions